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Ten Frozen Elsa dolls sold on the web for €500 each


Ten Elsa dolls advertised for €500 each have been sold, according to Adverts.ie

Earlier this week it was reported that Frozen Elsa dolls had been posted to Done Deal for €500 each and subsequently removed.

The listing was posted from Co. Kildare and advertised the dolls (which retail at €45) for €500 each.

If ten of the dolls sold at that price, it netted the seller a cool €5,000 with a cost price of €450.

The ad was viewed over 10,000 times with over 70 offers and comments left on the listing.

Some viewers of the listing were angered by the price, commenting "Cashing in on parents misery. Selfish".

The seller appears to have accepted no less than €450 as a 'best offer'.

Despite some commenters' anger, many saw the funny side of the listing, sparking a thread of puns, including "Very cold hearted altogether", "Think this guy is on thin ice" and "What happened to the days of shovelry?(sic)".

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