Friday 6 December 2019

Step away from the light!

Five well-known faces who will hopefully live forever

Angela Lansbury
Angela Lansbury
Jeff Bridges
Joan Rivers
Clint Eastwood
Judi Dench
Louise Kelly

Louise Kelly

The end of the Bank Holiday and my shift starts at 7am the next day. Of course I can’t sleep.

You know how sometimes when you lie away at night, you begin to have morbid thoughts? (This may or may not apply to you reader)

How many people will turn up at your funeral? Will your dog survive sneaky Easter chocolate eating? Which one of your loved ones will go the clouds in the sky next?

It was this last question that kept me tossing and turning through the early hours – and my fears, understandably, turned to the inevitable demise of Angela Lansbury.

With a career spanning eight decades, and a recent return to the stage, this Dame seems unstoppable in her talent and energy.

But one day – one very sad and heartbreaking day – I will get the news that the woman who made super sleuth Jessica Fletcher (the type-writing, jogging, snappily-dressed detective) a household name is no more.

And so those dark ruminations have inspired this list. Not a list of those that we think may sign out anytime soon. But of those classic personalities that we can only wish would live forever.

Jeff Bridges

There are not only oldies in this esteemed collection of all-time greats – only goodies.

And who hasn’t knocked down a White Russian or three while watching The Big Lebowski? (If you haven’t, you haven’t lived. Fact.)

Oozing with sex appeal the older he gets, I would quite happily be the Jean to Bad Blake (Crazy Heart reference for the oblivious)

Joan Rivers

An octogenarian like lovely Lansbury, this stand-up comedian is definitely an example of Marmite.

But either love her or hate her, her snappy one-liners and caustic remarks are legendary.

It doesn’t matter that she herself looks like a waxwork, no celebrity is safe from her criticism.

Clint Eastwood

The original Western hardman, the character of Dirty Harry invited global recognition and adoration for ‘Clint the squint’.

Whether a facial tick or a learned expression, his telltale furrowed brow and narrowed eyes stayed with him throughout his career.

For the ladies, the charm of 83-year-old Clint continues. 

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