Thursday 17 October 2019

Sea turtles forced to wear 'Borat-style' mankinis for the smelliest of reasons

A sea turtle clad in his customised 'Borat' swimsuit
A sea turtle clad in his customised 'Borat' swimsuit
Sacha Baron Cohen as 'Borat' 'Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan' Film - 2006

Sarah-Jane Murphy

Borat always claimed to be a trend setter.

However these adorable sea turtles, clad in mankinis, lead the way in terms of swim-wear fashion.

Reassuringly it's all in the name of scientific research.

The mini-swimsuits have helped the University of Queensland in Australia to retrieve and scrutinise droppings from these endangered reptiles, which include both green and loggerhead turtles.

Their tailor-made outfits act to prevent the creatures from expelling excrement and instead it is collected by a specially installed funnel in the customised 'bikini'.

Researchers have said they will then study the turtles feces to determine where the animals feed so they can take steps to protect the vegetation in those areas.

Owen Coffee, a lecturer at the Uniiversity told website Mashable that he was responsible for creating the mankinis which were made famous by Sacha Baron Cohen’s iconic character, Borat.

‘The suits were easy to put on, comfortable for the sea turtles to wear, looked great, and we were able to collect the entire fecal sample,’ according to Kathy Townsend, from the University’s Moreton Bay Research Station.

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