Friday 22 November 2019

R2D2 - Android say artificial intelligence is the next big thing in computing

The latest Android tablet
The latest Android tablet

Sarah-Jane Murphy

The founder of Android has said that the next phase of computing will involve assistance from artificial intelligence.

Andy Rubin, who departed Google to head up 'Playground' said that after witnessing what robots are capable of while working at Google he believes that soon 'robotics and automation are going to permeate our lives'.

Recently Playground has invested in a company called castAR which manufactures 'augmented reality glasses' so it seems he is not just paying lip service to the popular theory.

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Currently Android and iOS are the two major phone operating systems globally and Rubin warns that it is dangerous to maintain this duopoly as 'their announcements are parallel and in lockstep'.

Rubin expressed his belief that Windows 10 is performing well and he praised Microsoft's flexibility in giving iOS and Android products access to Office products.

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"The worst thing that could happen from a product perspective would be slowing down innovation," he said.

"I'm an optimist on technology," he said when questioned about the future of consumer choice in relation to their mobile phone.

"I think there's unsatisfied consumer desire and it needs to be satisfied."

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