Friday 15 November 2019

Outrage as man snapped wearing 'Eat, Sleep, Rape, Repeat' t-shirt at Coachella Music Festival

Clare Cullen

A festival-goer has sparked controversy after he was snapped wearing a t-shirt which read 'Eat, Sleep, Rape, Repeat'.

The slogan, which is a play on the Fatboy Slim lyrics 'Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat' caught the eye of  Jemayel Khawaja, the managing Editor of VICE magazine, who snapped a pic.

He tweeted the pic with the caption "I'm not easy to offend, but this is sh*tty". The tweet was retweeted 584 times with many Twitter users agreeing that the t-shirt was offensive.

The smiling man in the photograph was not named, and several dopplegangers have had to take to social media to deny wearing the garment.

Twitter user Joe Vincent Castro tweeted "it's insane how much that guy looks like me", adding that his family are "giving me major sh*t" over the uncanny likeness.

Many Twitter users called for the company who made the t-shirt to be publicly shamed.

"Instead of focusing on the dude in the "eat sleep rape repeat" T-shirt at Coachella, why don't we figure out where that shirt came from?"

Speaking to Cosmopolitan UK, the UK Rape Crisis Center said that if the image is real, "it's deeply disturbing, and it is hard to understand what motivation someone would have for making or wearing a T-shirt like this".

"Rape is a terrifying and traumatic experience, which can have wide-ranging, often lifelong impacts on survivors, their families, friends and communities.  There is no context in which this can be construed as funny."

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