Thursday 12 December 2019

North Korea demands video mocking Kim Jong Un be removed from Internet

He's no stranger to international taunts, but Kim Jong Un has taken particular offense to one video parodying him, his father and his grandfather.

The video, called 'Fat Guy Number 3', shows a mash-up of the dictator and his relatives faces superimposed onto different bodies and has already been viewed millions of times over Chinese social media websites and YouTube.

He can be seen dancing, doing the splits, riding on a big and with his pants down, while the upbeat hit Chinese love song 'Little Apple' by the Chopstick Brothers plays in the background.

The video was made by a man with more than 190,000 followers on Weibo, China's version of Facebook, who has been making Kim Jong-un GIFs for two years and through it was about time to make a video out of them.

The video was originally uploaded to the Chinese video-sharing site Tencent, as YouTube is blocked in China, where it's been watched more than 55 million times. It was then copied to the popular video sharing website, where it continues to grow in popularity.

Now, Kim Jong Un wants the video pulled from the Internet. According to the South Korea's Chosun Ilbun newspaper North Korean officials say the clip "seriously compromises Kim's dignity and authority".

This is the second time in mere weeks the Kim Jong Un has been unimpressed at mockery at his expense. Not long ago, North Korea threatened a "resolute and merciless response" over the Seth Rogan/James Franco film, 'The Interview'.

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