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News blooper goes viral for dancing anchor - and thoroughly unimpressed co-anchor


A News anchor has amassed over 2m views on YouTube after a clip of him dancing and singing to 'Where They At Though' has gone viral.

In the video (below) he takes his co-anchor's iPad to use as a dancing prop, much to her chagrin.

He invites her to dance along, to which she replies "I can't dance. On camera".

Dan Thorn uploaded it to this YouTube channel just over a week ago, where it received over 2m views.

Following the success of the clip, Thorn then released a second clip on his YouTube channel, this time dancing to Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off', which received over 1m views.

In case you're wondering, his co-anchor was almost equally unimpressed by his Taylor Swift cover, although he did eventually manage to make her laugh at his antics.


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