Wednesday 18 September 2019

New claims that 'drunk woman' viral video was staged

Clare Cullen

One of the men in the viral video, which featured an actress pretending to be drunk and asking for directions, has claimed that the entire video was staged.

Josh Blaine claims he was just "doing a favour" for "some camera crew" by participating in the video.

"It was made to look like someone was sneakily filming...She's wearing a back mic, think about the volume and camera distance, folks".

Blaine is angry that the video is being portrayed as real reactions to a drunken woman.

"The people that shot this are t*rds for not making it clear it was acted out. This is far from an experiment".

"Guess that's what I get for being agreeable".

The video was uploaded on the 11th of November by 'serial entrepreneur' Stephen Zhang and quickly went viral, amassing over 4m views.

The video asks the viewer "Guys, how would you react if a super drunk young woman came up to you like this?" and reaction to the video is very split, with volatile arguments in the comments section and some racist abuse.

This is Zhang's first "social experiment", having uploaded three prank videos previously, including a video called 'Hitting On Girls With Son Prank'.

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