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Natalia Kills mocks X-factor comments - days after asking contestant to 'forgive' her


Natalia Kills and Willy Moon

Natalia Kills and Willy Moon

Natalia Kills and Willy Moon

The X-Factor New Zealand judges who hit the headlines when they went viral for cruel comments to a contestant are staying in the limelight through social media posts about the incident.

Husband-and-wife duo Natalia Kills and Willy Moon were fired over a vicious tirade against contestant Joe Irvine in which they called him 'disgusting', 'creepy' and 'a laughing stock'.

Kills took to her Instagram page to mock the incident, mere days after tweeting "Joe, I hope you can forgive me".

The posts mocked the meme that was spawned by her comments around originality - one where Twitter and Tumblr users shared images of her beside simialr-looking artists and historical figures.

Many drew the comparison between Kills' hair style and that of cartoon explorer, Dora the Explorer.

Posting a number of the images she was accused of copying, Kills added her infamous comment "Ladies and gentlemen, we have a doppelgänger in our midst" as a caption.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a doppelgänger in our midst... Dora, how dare you steal my look?!

Natalia first took to Twitter to blame the producers of the show for her outburst.

“A lot goes on behind the scenes of a reality TV show and you see isn't always the whole story," wrote Natalia.

"The show brought me on to bring my passion, dramatic expression and perspective. I was encouraged to be outspoken and things got out of hand.

"Joe. I hope you can forgive me and I wish you all the best! Be natural, unconventional and be you!"

Since the furore, Joe has been receiving messages of support, with Ed Sheeran and Lorde amongst the well-wishers.  NZ singer Lorde even sent him cupcakes.

Earlier this week, Natalia's rep said that the singer had no regrets about what she had said to Joe on the show.

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