Wednesday 17 July 2019

Naked Jennifer Lawrence breaks Reddit "No Fap" abstinence community

Jennifer Lawrence was one of the stars to be targeted
Jennifer Lawrence was one of the stars to be targeted

Frank Whelan

In what has unofficially been dubbed 'The Fappening' by Reddit users, the NoFap community faced its greatest challenge, with many members unable to resist the urge.

NoFap, a Reddit sub-section formed in 2011, supports 'Fapstronauts' who want to refrain from masturbation. The recent leak of naked pictures of celebrities has been likened by some forum members to the D-Day Landing, with members decimated by temptation.

The NoFap moderators added the following to the forum rules:

"NoFap is not a place for celebrity gossip - NoFap is here to discuss porn addiction, sex addiction, and abstaining from PMO. Threads about the recent leak scandal will be removed by the moderation team."

Screengrabs from the /NoFap SubReddit
Screengrabs from the /NoFap SubReddit

NoFap's standard challenge involves no porn, no masturbating and no edging. 'Hard mode' eliminates orgasms while 'easy mode' only bans porn.

Some of the claimed benefits of such abstinence, as claimed by NoFap, include increased self-control, more time, more hard drive space and an improved attitude.

Even though many users failed the challenge in light of the leaked photos, the subsequent days have seen a flood of new users eager to embrace the NoFap ways.

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