Monday 23 October 2017

#MoustacheMan trends on Twitter as audience member steals the show during 'yawnfest' debates

Leader of Labour party drew criticism for comments regarding the man's mental health

Clare Cullen

Clare Cullen

One of the audience members at the Scottish Leader's Debates stole the show in a cheap, fake moustache.

The man, who has been reported to be a former Led Zeppelin tribute band singer from Dundee, went viral when eagle-eyed Twitter users spotted the humorously horrid moustache in the crowd.

His son, Jack McAfee, tweeted that his Dad Danny was asked to remove the moustache during a break in the broadcast - clearly, the organisers had gotten wind of the flurry of social media attention the 'stache was generating.

Jim Murphy, the leader of the Scottish Labour Party has drawn criticism for saying he was unsure if the man was "mentally okay" when discussing why he did not call attention to the moustache.

Many twitter users pointed out that there was "Nothing wrong creating a little banter but that doesn't mean you then question someone's emotional wellbeing".

Taxi driver Danny said he wore the moustache because he "thought it was going to be a yawnfest" and he wanted "to brighten it up a bit... give my mates at home a laugh".

He confirmed to reporters following the debates that he is a SNP supporter and is "always impressed" by Nicolas Sturgeon, adding "I'm a rockstar".

The interested sparked a photoshop trend, where users photoshopped the moustache onto several other photographs and people. In one image, the entire audience is wearing the fake hair.

Some Twitter users even painted pictures of 'Moustache Man', with many tweeting 'Moustache Man For PM!' (Prime Minister)

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