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March 10 dubbed #NationalYokesDay on Twitter as Irish users have a field day with legal loophole


Irish Twitter users yesterday dubbed March 10th 'National Yokes Day' as news emerged of a legal loophole which has made some drugs legal for a 48 hour period.

Possession of ecstasy, magic mushrooms, so-called 'head shop' drugs and other new psychoactive drugs will be legal until later today following a decision by the Court of Appeal yesterday morning.

A Government regulation declaring illegal a psychoactive substance sold lawfully in 'Head Shops' until 2011 was found to be unconstitutional.

#NationalYokesDay trended first in Cork and then around Ireland as witty Twitter users made jokes about the newly-created loophole.

As emergency legislation was being rushed through the Dáil last night, Irish citizens were having a field day online.

See some of the best tweets below.


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