Tuesday 24 October 2017

Man leaves waitress $1,000 tip to pay for dog's surgery

Christina Summitt tweeted the picture
Christina Summitt tweeted the picture
Tucker is recovering well
Brian O'Reilly

Brian O'Reilly

A DOG in New Jersey is enjoying a new lease on life after an anonymous donor left his owner a $1,000 tip.

Tucker, as three-year-old Great Dane-Labrador mix, needed life saving surgery which his owner was struggling to afford.

Christina  Summitt works three jobs and in her remaining spare time volunteers at a local animal rescue centre.

She couldn't help but fall in love with Tucker who was sick in the centre after swallowing a tennis ball - however couldn't find money to pay for his surgery.

However she mentioned her plight to one of the customers at one of her jobs - bar tending at a Holiday Inn.

"It’s just so overwhelming” she told a local paper.

“He seemed like a guy you would run into in a grocery store - Just your average guy.”

“It was just your average bartender and customer talk,” Summitt said.

But when she brought their cheque to the register, Summitt said she couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Shock. Complete shock,” she said. “I started shaking, I couldn’t breathe. How could there be three zeroes on there?”

Initially, she brought the cheque back to the customer, telling him she was unable to accept such a large amount.

However, he insisted she keep it as a thanks for all her hard work for animals.

“He was so cool and laidback about it, It was crazy. I can’t believe someone would just do that", she said.

“So many people have reached out and have been supportive,” she said. “It’s just so awesome that people care.”

Tucker was released for the animal hospital on Sunday and is recovering well.

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