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'It was the best five minutes of my life' - Cheeky Irish fan's face when he gets a hug from Nicki Minaj goes viral

A young Nicki Minaj superfan is going viral for his 'cheeky Irish rogue' charm.

The young boy, who introduced himself only as 'Danny', was brought on to the stage by Nicki Minaj during her concert at the Odyssey Arena Belfast.

Danny was very emotional while speaking to his idol, crying "I've been waiting for this moment for so long!"

However, when the singer attempted to console him by hugging him, the young man raised his eyebrows in a rather cheeky manner.

Minaj posted a clip of the moment to her Instagram page and took it in good humour, writing ""Get your life from the little boy in this video please".

"Look at how he stopped crying wen he laid his head on dem thangz.(sic) They have real power beaming out of them that can cure the sick".

Cheeky Danny also got the chance to perform with the star and a handful of other fans, drawing applause from the massive crowds.

The Belfast Telegraph reported that the boy is Danny McGahey from Rathmullan in Co. Donegal.

Speaking on John  Murray this morning, Danny said that he is an 'expert' on Nicki Minaj having loved her for years.

"I have my family and friends tortured".

"I was completely starstruck, and I started crying".

Danny made it up on stage despite being under fourteen.

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"She hugged me and then she asked me my name, and then out of the blue she handed me a mic".

"Then I started singing and dancing and twerking - I'd say you all saw it".

"It was the best five minutes of my life".

Danny couldn't believe he got to meet his idol, getting emotional after his five minutes with the star were over.

"I have an Instagram account where I just post pictures of her every day... It was like she wasn't really there!"

Danny says Minaj's songs have helped him through bullying he has experienced in his life. "They helped me through a tough time".

Minaj was in Belfast as part of her PinkPrint tour and said the reception was "life". She wrote on her Instagram: "Belfast I love you so much. Wow".

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