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Is there someone out there who looks just like you? Irish student finds her 'Twin Stranger' online after just a two-week search

Niamh (left) and her 'Twin Stranger' she found online Karen (Photo: Facebook.com/TwinStrangers)
Niamh (left) and her 'Twin Stranger' she found online Karen (Photo: Facebook.com/TwinStrangers)
Denise Calnan

Denise Calnan

Have you ever wondered if there is someone out there who looks just like you? If you have a doppelgänger, a twin stranger?

These three Irish people did and challenged each other to find their twin strangers (from anywhere in the world) in just 28 days.

Do our faces look familiar? We've set ourselves the challenge of finding our doppelgängers. We want to see who can find their closest lookalike in 28 days.TAG FRIENDS THAT YOU THINK COULD BE OUR DOPPELGÄNGERS

Posted by Twin Strangers on Friday, 10 April 2015

Niamh Geaney, Terence Manzanga and Harry English used social media to spread their message worldwide.

Within a week, they had hundreds of submissions from all over the globe.

The Facebook page 'Twin Strangers' called on people that looked like them or knew of someone that looked like them to get in contact.

They wanted to find someone who looked really like them, but ideally somebody identical.

The trio told Independent.ie they were inspired by a story from journalist Sophie Robehmed who managed to find someone who looks very like her through social media and wrote about it.

"There have been stories about people who look exactly like famous celebrities but we wanted to find our ‘real’ Twin Strangers.

"We thought it would be fun to spice it up by making it a challenge between the three of us over the course of a month. It's something we became really interested in, and it's not actually as time consuming as you might think," Harry said.

"Smartphones help us to do a lot of our searching on the go, and good friends and interested media are also helping in the search. There is a huge human curiosity element to it."

Harry, Terence and Niamh were just a fortnight into the bet when Niamh found a girl who looks almost identical to her just an hour north of Dublin, Karen Branigan.

"Karen probably looks closer than some of my sisters do to me," Niamh told Independent.ie.

"I thought I would be fine until I knew I was about ten minutes away from meeting her.

"Then I started to get ridiculously nervous wondering how I would react to meeting someone that looks like me - I would be looking at my own face!

"For the entire duration of our encounter I pretty much stared at her. I couldn’t get over her face and some of the expressions she should would pull I would think to myself or aloud ‘Oh my God that’s my face’.

"I can’t remember the number of times I said ‘this is so freaky’. It was truly amazing," she continued.

"We got on super well. Karen is such a lovely, sweet-hearted girl. Well we’re definitely both up for the craic. I would say Karen is the shyer of the two of us but then you have to remember this was an even more surreal experience for her than it was for me.

"I knew what search I was embarking on.

"I’m the weirdo that contacted Karen out of the blue and asked her to meet me in person in another part of the country, so she might have been more reserved than she’d normally be.

"We got on very very well and I’m so happy to have met one of my doppelgangers, but there’s 6 more of them out there!"

The duo met each other and recorded their 'Twin Stranger' experience, but Harry and Terence are still on the hunt.

"I think I have a two, maybe three at a push who resemble me," Harry said.

"But they're definitely not as close a match as Karen to Niamh.

"Without a doubt Niamh has the most lookalikes. Perhaps it's her own initiative, but I think girls are a lot quicker to engage in this sort of thing than guys."

Meanwhile, Terence said he has had plenty of 'celebrity leads'.

"I have been getting in a lot of celebrity leads. I've also had some people, mainly from the USA, sending me pictures of their friend and family members who they think I look like, but when I look at the pictures I can’t really see it.

"I think there are definitely black guys out there in the UK, Europe or the States who just need to see the photos. The more publicity the better, but time is running out," he said.

The bet is continuing for the trio and the winner will be the person with the closest match, as opposed to the most potential matches.

The final day of searching is April 27 - so Harry, Terence and Niamh are still looking for submissions!

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