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Irish lad gets his mother to read out his Grindr Messages


The Grindr app is the lesser-known relation of Tinder, a location-based app for gay men and women.

Grindr was around years before Tinder, but has managed to remain relatively under the radar - until now.

Irish YouTuber Riyadh K asked his mother to read him out his unread Grinder messages - with the help of a large glass of wine.

Riyadh did not moderate the messages, leaving his poor mother to wade through the hordes of unfiltered messages from armorous strangers.

And what did Mammy K think of the messages?

"Well, my eyes are certainly opened, Riyadh!"

The video has been viewed over 200,000 times since it was uploaded less than 48 hours ago, and has already been featured on websites around the world.

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