Monday 17 December 2018

Ireland's millennials explain 'What It Means To Be Irish'

Ireland's young content creators are sharing videos which explore what it means to be Irish.

Clare Cullen

In advance of St. Patrick's Day, asked 'what it means to be Irish' and Irish YouTubers have responded in their droves.

To start the conversation, yesterday we asked tourists what they thought it meant to be Irish and today, nine of Ireland's most prominent content creators have released their own versions, ranging from the sterotypical, to the touching, to the hilarious.

The 'What It Means To Be Irish Tag' aims to empower Ireland's young people to explore what it means to be Irish in today's world, and how it's changed over the years.

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"Everyone who calls to my house gets offered the same three things. Every time".

YouTube gamer and vlogger Niall Gleeson enlisted the help of his Irish mammy to show what it means to be Irish.

Watch more from NiallGleeson


"Everyone wants to be Irish... (including Prince Harry)"

'YouTube sensation' James Mitchell discusses how much everyone wants to be Irish - and how much the Irish hate it. "I once had someone tell me they were Irish... (because) they loved the colour green... Seriously".

Watch more from JamesMitchellTV


"You're probably Catholic but you never go to Mass"

Cork beauty vlogger FitznBitz counts down the defining factors of Irishness - and adds that it's Paddy, NOT Patty.

Watch more from FitznBitz


"Being Irish means that we have an unrivalled and evolving culture".

The stop-animation video fuses old footage with new to create a lyrical overview of pure Irishness - from culture to music to Charlotte's own experience as an Irish dancer, this brilliantly produced video will make you tear up with Irish pride.

Watch more from Charlotte Ryan


"Giving out about the size of the Cadbury's tins at Christmas.. because they've definitely gotten smaller"

Vlogger Ronan Hederman discusses the great tea debate and complains about the size of Cadbury's tins while drinking a (badly-poured) pint.

Watch more from Medicateur92


"Ah sure, stop, here, g'way now, c'mere 'till I tell you a question!"

Comedian Sean Connolly took a tongue-in-cheek approach to the subject, counting down the 'top ten best things' about being Irish, from our "sunny weather" to staring at the spire intently.

Watch more from Sean


"One of the best accents in the world"

Vlogger Joey Harper spent some years of his youth living in London, where he "didn't have to chat up girls, I'd just open my mouth and they'd hear the accent". Unfortunately for Joey, he says this "didn't work" once he returned home.

Watch more from ThatJoeyFella


"Irish sunsets - they're similar to other sunsets around the world... except they happen at 5pm in the afternoon".

Northern vlogger 'Worried Bubble' took a break from his popular 'Photoshopping You' YouTube series to take a walk and soak in the Irish sunset... at 5pm. 

Watch more from WorriedBubble


"Chancers and risk takers" (and the cupla focal)


Raidió Na Lifé's Laura Gaynor hailed 'chancers and risk takers' as the most quintessentially Irish thing - and did the whole thing as Gaeilge. Ar fheabhas.!

Watch more from TheRoboCaterpillar


If you want to join in on the conversation, use the hashtag #WhatItMeansToBeIrish on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Vine.

Search 'What It Means To Be Irish' on YouTube for the latest videos and if you upload your own, tweet it @independent_ie.


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