Wednesday 22 November 2017

Internet Cheat Sheet: YouTube for Noobs

Clare Cullen

Clare Cullen

Hold a conversation with the most seasoned YouTube pro with our handy guide to YouTube for "noobs".

First of all, the word 'noob' is slang for 'newbie'. You might hear that on YouTube- in videos, or in the comments section, so that's good to know!

YouTube is a wonderful world of possibiltity for time-wasting. It's also often a topic of conversation. Here are 10 things to know about YouTube to help you to hold your own in a discussion with the most seasoned YouTube veteran.

1. The 'Hole'

The YouTube 'rabbit hole' is a widely accepted inevitablity on YouTube. It's also fun. If you have a couple of hours to spare, watch a YouTube video, and then watch one from the 'recommended videos' bar that comes up beside it. An hour later, you'll find yourself on a video of someone pouring cereal over their head in the shower while singing Britney Spears 'Toxic'. When you're watching a video where all of the comments are 'How did I get here?' you know you've fallen through the rabbit hole.

2. Subscribers and views.

Your YouTube 'channel' is your page where all your videos are kept (kind of like a Facebook profile). Views are how many times the video has been watched, and subscribers are people who sign up to your 'channel' so they are alerted every time you upload a new video. 'Success' on YouTube is based on subscribers and views- the more, the better!

3. Jenna Marbles

Jenna Marbles has the number two most-subscribed to channel on YouTube with over 10m subscibers. She is the number 1 most subscribed-to female on YouTube, and every 14 year old girl who has ever logged on to YouTube knows who she is.

4. The 'Trifecta'

The trifecta consists of three friends, based in LA, who make videos together. Those girls are Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart and Hannah Hart (unrelated). The trifecta and Jenna are good examples to roll out when the issue of the 'gender gap' comes up during conversations about YouTube videos.

5. "Viral"

A viral video is infectious, passed from one person to another- hence the term 'viral'! There is no set formula for a viral video other than people have to want to share it with other people. They are often once-off videos or

6. 'YouTuber'

A YouTuber is someone who creates content on a regular basis for an audience of people who have 'subscribed' to their 'channel'. There are many different genres of YouTuber- musician, comedian, entertainer, vlogger etc but the term 'YouTuber' is normally all-encompassing.

7. "First!"

The first comment on a video will often just say 'First!'. Those comments will then normally be responded to with a barrage of abuse. Just ignore this side of YouTube.

Another example of a stereotypical comment would be 'You must be new here' - replied to anyone asking a question about YouTube functionality. If you need a question answered, it's better to google it- Google is friendlier.

8. 301+ views

301 is the number of views a video will get frozen on if it gets more than that in a short period of time. This is YouTube's algorithm, freezing the view count while it validates if the views are real and if the video complies with YouTube's few rules. This does not affect the 'like' bar, which explains why some videos have 301+ views and 2,000 likes. When the views are verified, the true views will then show on the video. The plus sign was added so people would stop asking why a video had more likes than views.

9. "Vlog"

Vlog is short for video-blog. Vlogs began as video diary entries but the word vlog is now generally accepted to cover a vast majority of content created by 'YouTubers'. The only content not to be considered vlogging is musical.

10. YouTube Conference

There are places where all the 'YouTubers' get together and talk about YouTube. VidCon (US) VidInc (Aus) Playlist Live (US) and Summer in the City (UK) are the four biggest ones. This is not known by many people and will make you really seem like you know your stuff.


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