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Instagram apologise for removal of menstruation image



Instagram have apologised for the removal of a photo that they say violates their 'community guidelines'.

In a statement, Instagram said:

 "When our team processes reports from other members of the Instagram community, we occasionally make a mistake. In this case, we wrongly removed content and worked to rectify the error as soon as we were notified".

"We are sorry for this mistake".

Rupi Kaur, a Sikh poet studying at the University of Waterloo, Canada, had originally posted an image to her Instagram account as part of a photo series she was doing for school. The image was subsequently removed, citing a violation of community guidelines.

Reposting the image for a second time, Kaur wrote:

"Thank you Instagram for providing me with the exact response my work was created to critique. You deleted a photo of a woman who is fully covered and menstruating stating that it goes against community guidelines....when your pages are filled with countless photos/accounts where women (so many of whom are underage) are objectified, pornified, and treated less than human".".

After the post was removed for a second time, Kaur took to Tumblr to write an open letter to the platform.

"It’s sad that this is still happening in this world. I know that some communities and cultures go out of their way to shun and oppress a woman on her period. I guess Instagram is another one of them".

"Their patriarchy is leaking. Their misogyny is leaking. We will not be censored."

Kaur asked people to tweet Instagram or share her image across their social media channels and the image quickly went viral, catching the social media giant's attention.




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