Tuesday 24 October 2017

Hosting a Super Bowl 2014 party? Why not consider the snackadium

Hungry? Use actual sandwiches for walls
Hungry? Use actual sandwiches for walls StillLearningInThisLife.blogspot.com
Logos can be constructed with croutons StarCatcherBway/Twitter
Cheese and olives become the heads of players GeneralRelative/Imgur
Hot dog walls may be a step too far Buzzfeed/Twitter
Your guess is as good as mine on what constitutes that field bobchq/Imgur
A more modestly-sized snackadium InterrobangB/Imgur
An absolute monster Pillsbury/Facebook
A+ for flag decoration Pillsbury/Twitter

Christopher Hooton

From the multi-level stage of the half-time show to the ridiculously overblown adverts, the Super Bowl is all about excess.

Why then, serve up your friends a sad little bag of Doritos and dip when you could build a giant stadium of snacks in your living room?

While the one pictured above might be a little ambitious if you're not able to spend roughly the GDP of Canada on submarine sandwiches, a more modest version can easily be constructed around some basic scaffolding.

Important considerations


The walls

Stacked sandwiches are the ideal, but Rice Krispie Squares or just good old cardboard can also be used, while stationery tidies provide stands in which to hold your snacks.


The field

Guacamole is the obvious choice - a pool of dip with a grassy hue that's perfect for tortilla chips – but do also consider creating different coloured endzones using nacho cheese, chilli or salsa.


The goalposts

The bread stick is the snackadium builder's steel guilder, but also doubles as goalposts and arena lampposts. Warning: excessive consumption of these may compromise your stadium's structural integrity.


The fans

All manner of snacks can be placed on the bleachers but think long term here, by the fourth quarter you might have eaten pigs in blankets to the point of self-loathing – and here carrot and celery sticks will be key.

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