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'Honest to God... it's mad craic altogether' - UTV do follow-up interview with 'Frostbit Boy'

UTV have done a follow-up interview with the viral sensation that earned them "8 million views".


A clip from UTV's weather piece that featured Ruairí McSorley went viral yesterday, gaining over 1m views on YouTube and 2.2m on Facebook as of 3pm.

UTV did a follow-up interview with the "comedy genius" who they claim earned them "eight million" hits.

McSorley was shocked at the reach of his viral soundbite.

"Honest to God... it went as far as Japan - overnight!"

"It's mad craic altogether".

He told UTV he doesn't take life too seriously. "I figured out when I was young that it didn't matter what I did, it's get a bit of a scowling".

The news anchor finished the segment by saying "Don't let him fool you... remember, he's a smart and talented guy".

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