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Have eagled-eyed Game of Thrones fans spotted a major production mistake in the Season 5 finale?



Eagled-eyed Game of Thrones fans were last night sharing a pretty big mistake spotted on the season five finale of Game of Thrones.

**Warning - Spoilers**

In the season five finale of Game of Thrones, 'King' Stannis is lying, dying, when Brienne of Tarth walks up to sentence him to death and wreak her revenge.

Some attentive fans noticed that there was a charger and some cables visible near Stannis' bleeding leg briefly during the scene, and have been specualting overnight as to what it could have been.

A popular theory is that the charger was connected to some sort of prosthetic pump, to create the effect of Stannis' bleeding leg, but one thing is for sure - the modern-day, laptop-esque charger did not belong in the Game of Thrones world or era.

Reddit user 'nexsdie' shared the below picture, which was later clarified as being a 'behind the scenes' picture and not the final scene shot.



However, several other Reddit users shared images of the charger and cables which did make it on screen, albeit in a slightly less obvious fashion.


Other infamous period-drama mishaps include Poldark, in which fans spotted a modern-day burglar alarm in the background of the drama and Downton Abbey, whose promotional shots included a bottle of water perched unassumingly in the background.

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