Friday 6 December 2019

Grab a tissue: Irish mammy brought to tears by 'hero' marine sergeant son's surprise

Meadhbh McGrath

A marine sergeant staged the surprise of a lifetime for his Irish mother, who hadn’t seen him for two years.

Paula Riggs is a third grade teacher at New Port Richey’s Schrader Elementary School in Pasco County, and her son, Paul Riggs (24), had spent the past two years in Okinawa, Japan.

But instead of telling his mother he was on his way home, he decided to show up to her workplace for a very special surprise.

In the heartwarming clip, Paula is busy telling her class about the lullaby she used to sing to her children when another woman can be heard saying, “Well, let me see. I think we have someone who might remember that.”

She turns around to see her son walk through the door, and is so shocked her hands fly up to cover her face and she immediately bursts into tears.

“Let me look at you, oh my God,” she cries as the two share a tearful embrace.

“My hero!”

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