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Goodbye pink Snack: 10 childhood sweets gone or changed forever


The revered Pink Snack bar is to get the axe after falling popularity in the last few years.

Unlike the snazzy new bars these days, the Pink Snack Bar represented a nostalgic experience for anyone over twenty in Ireland. Sales had fallen in recent years as the homely Snack was taken for granted that it would always be there.

However, it's not to be as Cadbury will be axing the 40-year-old bar along with over 200 jobs in Ireland. Time Out bars are also in danger as their production is coming 'under review'.

Now young Irish people will never be given the pink Snack with their tea while visiting Granny, and older Irish people will never get the chance to pass on their love of the ol' reliable to their children.

We count down some other childhood favourites that got the boot or were changed forever.


1. Opel Fruits

Opel Fruits changed forever when they became Starburst. They may sell better now but they'll never be the same.





2. Creme Egg

There was uproar earlier this year when it was announced that not only would the Creme Egg be smaller, the chocolate would be changed. People have still not acclimatised to this dramatic change for an egg that immortalised the question 'how do you eat yours?'


Creme Egg

Creme Egg

Creme Egg



3. Monster Munch

Monster Munch was sold to Tayto, who created the now-Monster Munch, which aren't a patch on the original. However, the original Monster Munch recipie was kept alive in the now-Might Munch, much to the relief of fans. Bit cheeky but it worked!


4. Banshee Bones

Something happened to Banshee Bones around the time everything had to be made 'healthier' and oils were being declared bad. Now they don't melt in your mouth like they used to.



5. Zombies

There were the most amazing crisps in the world that had zombies on the front and were in a yellow bag. They just disappeared off the face of the earth but this writer would give her left arm for a bag.


6. Marathon Bar

Anyone under 25 will probably be too young to remember the Marathon Bar, but this eventually became today's Snickers. If you remember the Marathon, is it the same?


7. Party Ring

There was more uproar when the 'pink ring' was removed from the 'Afternoon Tea' biscuit box. A Christmas and Granny's-house staple, the loss of the pink ring ('the best one!') hit Irish grandchildren hard.



8. The Pink Snack

Before being axed, the Pink Snack was reduced from three fingers to two in the year 2013.




9. Apple Lollies

Something strange also happened to Apple Lollies in recent years when the constency and taste were totally changed (seemingly) without warning. Now they taste more like 'rosy apples' than good old-fashioned sweet shop apple drops.


10. Roy of the Rovers, Desperate Dan, Etc

These zesty sour bars were only for the sour-tongued. Roy of the Rovers went for the zingy lemon taste while Desperate Dan was more of a fizzy orange colour and flavour. Together, they were ecstasy. Sadly, it doesn't look like we'll be seeing these again - the 'Bring Back Roy of the Rovers bar' Facebook page has only 221 likes so we won't hold our breath.



Have we missed any? Let us know in the comments below!

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