Monday 9 December 2019

Giant Panda cub celebrates its first birthday at Taipei Zoo

It was a birthday party with a difference in Taiwan as Taipei Zoo celebrated the first birthday of Yuan Zai the giant panda.

Eimear Phelan

Thousands of people turned up to the birthday party for an usual person; Taiwan’s first Giant Panda cub.

The cub, Yuan Zai, turned one year old on the 6 of July and has been the star attraction of the zoo since she had her public debut in January.

Yuan Zai is a healthy cub who was conceived due to artificial insemination.

She celebrated her birthday with a ‘cake’ made out of apples, pinnaples, and buns which was specially made of the day. The cub also played the traditional game for 1-year-olds in Taiwan; ‘Zhua Zhou”. The game involves different hanging cards and the first card grabbed indicates a future career path or interest.

Yuan Zai picked the card for painter along with others.

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