Wednesday 17 January 2018

First shifts, Snapchat grandads and hipster policemen - here are this weekend's social media spark notes

Brush up on all that was trending over the weekend with minimum effort

Clare Cullen

Clare Cullen

Your guide to what was hot on social media over the weekend.

Feeling some Twitter tiredness or Facebook fatigue? Needed to check out of social media over the weekend or just unable to keep up with the latest hot topic?

Independent Trending is here to help, with the top social media stories from the weekend - so you can pretend you were paying attention.


This Twitter trend encouraged Irish people to find the place they had thier first kiss on Google streetview and tweet a picture, leading to many pictures of alleyways, sheds and communities halls clogging up Twitter timelines over the weekend.

Can you remember where your first shift was, and do you really want to share that with the world?



Over the weekend, an American policeman with a 'hipster' beard was snapped during a London March, where police were on hand to control clashes between English Defence League activists and anti-fascist protesters.

He quickly became a meme with Twitter and Tumblr users having a field day. Users superimposed text over the image which drew parallels between police work and hipster nuances - like 'He only enforces laws you've never heard of' etc.

Hipster 1.jpg

As per Internet etiquette, #HipsterCop was of course tracked down and the good-humoured, motorbike-riding, ex-army non-hipster tweeted a selfie to his new legions of adoring fans.

Hipster 3.jpg


'Mother's Day'

Mother's Day was trending worldwide over the weekend thanks to the American holiday. Even though it wasn't actually Mother's Day here, lots of people jumped on the trend, placing it in the top ten Twitter trends over the weekend.

As part of the leadup to the holiday, the Buzzfeed 'Try Guys' created a five-part series on 'Motherhood'. As part of this series, one of the videos shows the men undergoing a 'labour pain simulation'. Watch the hilarious video below to see how they got on.



Snapchat Grandad

An Irish Grandad has become an unlikely Snapchat star after one user posted a series of cute clips in which he attempts to annoy his poor Grandad. The owner of the Snapchat account, known only as 'John', then spliced the videos together and posted it to YouTube.

He describes his Grandad as an "incredibly happy fella who is almost impossible to annoy" - just as well!




Ed Sheeran's new video

Ed Sheeran's new video is essentially a montage of his real baby pictures and the internet absolutely melted over it.



Following on from  the Mother's Day trend, users took to twitter to apologise publicly to their mothers for their behaviour growing up. The tweets ranged from sincere, to touching, to hilarious.

"#SorryMom, it wasn't the dog who pulled your birthday cake off the table and licked all the icing off in 1983".



The #Effyourbodystandards trend is an offshoot of #Effyourbeautystandards which was started by the world's first plus-size supermodel.

This weekend, blogger Courtney Mina(29) went viral after sharing a  lingerie selfie every day for a week on Instagram.

Selfie 2.jpg

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