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First ever music video debuts on Periscope



YouTube Nicole Arbour yesterday became the first person to debut a music video on live broadcasting app Periscope.

The groundbreaking debut was a brand collaboration with 'Awake Bar' and has gained attention all around the world for being the first of it's kind.

The music video was recorded as normal but YouTuber Nicole Arbour took to her Periscope under the guise of having a chat with fans. She had a short chat with fans before disappearing from frame, where the pre-shot music video seamlessly took over.

The video was not only groundbreaking for it's choice of platform to debut, but also for being the first to broadcast pre-recorded content as if it was live.

Arbour then downloaded the stream to upload to her YouTube channel, where it now lives, including comments and likes that were made by fans during the stream.

The video is also notable in that it was shot in portrait, to fit with the style of Periscope.


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