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'Facebook is going bananas here' - Irish hiking family found after photographer makes plea online


The 'family of hikers' in the photograph are actually a group of friends and neighbours who are members of the Roscrea Ramblers.

The group head on a hike every Sunday as part of the Roscrea Ramblers association.

One year ago, a small group consisting of Rose and Mick Fogarty (right of pic), and thier neighbours Joe, Sean and his son Richard, undertook the Coumshingaun Lake Walk, part of the Comeragh mountain range.

The group happened across a photographer up the mountain who was working on a time-lapse image.

Speaking to Independent.ie, Mick Fogarty said the group "asked him to take a photo.. he had a fancy camera and all with him".

"That was a year ago... it was the last we heard of it".

"One of my friends gave his email but obviously it wasn't the right one".

The Fogartys were quite surprised that the image surfaced online almost a year after it had been taken.

"We're after going viral here.... Facebook is going bananas!"

Independent.ie has passed on the photographer's contact details to the family.

"That's the point of the whole thing, to get the photo back!"

This morning, a photographer asked the Internet to help him locate a family of hikers whose photograph he took atop the Comeragh Mountains in Waterford.

The photographer took the photograph of the family with the intent to email it to them upon his descent, but as he explained online, something went askew atop the mountain as the email information exchanged didn't appear to be correct.

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