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Exclusive: 'They're definitely getting an invite to the wedding' - Irish man proposes on Killiney Hill with help from Keywest and Bono

Music group Keywest helped a Dublin man propose to his girlfriend - with an unexpected appearance from Bono.

Cliff Henry, a long-time fan of Keywest, spotted the group playing on Grafton Street last October and decided to ask their help in proposing to his long-term love Fiona O' Hehir.

The band agreed and arranged to stage the elaborate proposal on Killiney Hill on her 30th birthday - October 29th.

However, they weren't expecting to run into Bono - who dutifully recorded a video message for the soon-to-be-engaged couple.

Speaking to Independent.ie, Henry described the video message from Bono and Ali as "very thoughful and meaningful".

Laughing, Bono joked in his message to Fiona: "Don't do this - there's a gang of his here... it's an intervention!"

He added: "marriage is like an act of grand madness - you jump up on top of Killiney Hill and discover that you actually can fly".

Henry says the elaborate proposal was not as easy as it looks. "I was so nervous - I wasn't expecting (an audience)!"

"She said yes - eventually!"

"If you watch the video, you can see that I actually ask her again - because she just stood there looking at me with her hands over her mouth for about 30 seconds!"

O' Hehir, who thought the band were atop the hill to record a new music video, was shocked when they dedicated her favourite song to "Fiona and Cliff" before Cliff dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him.

"A woman sitting nearby said 'It's a proposal' and I think that snapped her out of it - she was just in total shock!"

Henry wore a GoPro camera on his chest, telling Fiona he was "testing it for work", but caught the romantic moment and the reaction on her face.

Henry told Independent.ie that he just wanted to "thank the band so much for the time and effort they put into helping me - and to Bono and Ali for the message - they didn't have to take time out of their walk to do that. It means a lot".

And on Henry's new found fame, he said "I never thought it would get as big as it has on social media".

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