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'Enda who?' - Frostbit Boy continues the meme with impressions on Grafton Street

Irish YouTuber Clisare ran into 'Frostbit Boy' on Grafton Street while filming a vox pop.

Ruairí McSorley, who was in Dublin following an appearance on the Saturday Night Show, was spotted on Grafton Street and asked to do his best impressions.

McSorley has a YouTube channel where he does impressions of famous stars, although he didn't seem to know of everyone - "Enda who?" - although he does think the Taoiseach is a "civil critter".

Cullen also asked him what he was up to - "some shopping with the mother" - and to "read some mean YouTube comments".

"Ah, that's not very nice, now, is it! May they be struck down with a whole pile of gender weirds(sic)".

He touched on his own "mean comments" since the clip of him went viral.

"They say it's not my own brogue, that I can't keep this up forever... they'd be surprised!"


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