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Don't worry Eamon, it can happen to the best of broadcasters

Eamon Dunphy was left red-faced earlier on this week after letting out a little four letter world on live television. He apologised soon after and seemed to be genuinely embarrassed. He shouldn't have worried too much. He's not the first Irish broadcaster to slip on live TV.

Here are just a few our favourite bloopers and outtakes from Irish television.

1. Sharon’s pre-show exercises

It seems that Sharon NÍ Bheoláin has a routine before she goes on air. We imagine she just didn't want it broadcast to the nation.

2. Going for a walk on set

Sharon's colleague Aengus MacGrianna was caught rotten going for a stroll behind a man who was live on air. The newsreader noticed halfway through, but at that stage it was too late.

3. Irish Ukranians, not Russians

Who could forget the seemingly eternal loop of "Irish Ukranians, not Russians" which lasted for minutes during an episode of Prime Time. It even went into the advertisement break.

4. “If you’ve just had sex”

It’s amazing what missing a word on the autocue can result in. TV3’s Mark Cagney realised this, much to the delight of his colleagues.


5. "Thanks a mil"

RTÉ weather forecaster Helen Curran was grateful to her production team after a report. Her gratitude was unintentionally broadcast to the nation.


6. Derek Mooney's unfortunate choice of words

RTE presenter Derek Mooney was forced into a grovelling apology after he joked at a cancer sufferer's choice of headwear on live TV.

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