Saturday 7 December 2019

Donegal very 'happy' as Oprah chooses county's viral video for Pharrell show

Brian O'Reilly

Brian O'Reilly

DONEGAL could be set for a tourism boom - as a video of the county is set to feature on an Oprah show special.

The chat show queen is returning to screens to host a special show with Pharrell Williams.

Part of the show is looking at the huge success of his hit 'Happy' - which has spawned thousands of re-makes online, including one from Donegal.

So impressed were producers of the show with the Donegal spin off that it will be featured in a segment of versions of the video from around the world.

The video shows off the Donegal countryside and culture with shots by the sea, Irish dancers in full regalia and smiling, happy faces across the county.

The video also featured local businesses - Mary's Meals got a particular plug with the staff dressed in blue wigs sporting 'Mary's Meals' t-shirts.

Donegal is happy - Viral video using Pharrell William's hit 'Happy' (Generated thumbnail)

It has already been a huge success online - with over 130,000 people viewing the version on YouTube - however almost eight million people are expected to see it on the Oprah special.

Williams' song happy has been a huge smash - selling well over one millions copies in the UK and Ireland alone.

The song's success has seen him land an Oprah show special - the chatshow queen retired from her full time presenting duties in 2011, however still returns to present specials.

The 60-year-old hosted her own chat show for 25 years - and made herself a billionaire in the process.

The 'Happy' special of the Oprah show will air in the US on April 13th.

Donegal is happy - Viral video using Pharrell William's hit 'Happy' (Generated thumbnail)

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