Thursday 14 November 2019

Distraught Dad turns to YouTube to stop daughter's Snapchat bullying

Clare Cullen

Minnesotan father Brad Knudson is going viral after taking to YouTube to expose "racist bullying" experienced by his daughter on popular messaging app Snapchat.

Knudson begins by explaining that he and his wife, a Caucasian couple, "have a very beautiful African-American daughter that we were very fortunate to adopt".

He says that the family had never experienced racism before this incident, other than "stares when she called us Mom and Dad".

On New Year's Eve, his daughter Dierdra (Dee Dee) and her friend were "sending selfies on Snapchat" when she received some nasty messages from another group of students at Prior Lake High School in Minnesota.

Snapchat is a video and photo messaging app where the content disappears after being viewed by the recipient. After the first three messages were viewed, "my daughter's friend told us that this was happening and what the content was".

"Not only was it bullying, it was racism".

"When they got the fourth (video)... we decided to take out my phone and record".

He plays back the video for the camera, which shows two young kids calling his daughter "a slut", a "n****r" and a "fat ass b*tch".

Knudson says he tried to contact the children's parents before turning to the police.

"I left multiple messages for the kid's parents - went to their house, nobody would ever answer the door".

Knudson says they went to the police because a friend's child took their own life just a week before "because of bullying".

"I can't have this happen to my daughter".

According to Knudson, the children's father "couldn't understand the problem with the video".

"He called me crazy - he said they make jokes using that word all the time in their house".

"I said some things I can't repeat, hung up and then received a voicemail".

Knudson plays the voicemail, in which he is called a "n****r lover".

Knudson says he rang back, saying "Yes, I am an N-lover because I have a beautiful daughter I love more than life itself".

The final voicemail called him a "f*g", a "loser" and told him to "grow up".

Knudson's video has been viewed over 1.2m times since the 21st January and has been reported on all around the world.

"I told him I was going to put this on social media - he said he didn't care".

"I just had to get this off my chest".

The father, who worked as an independent contractor for a financial firm, was fired days after his name was released in this video.

Knudson told news outlet WCCO that that was "not what he wanted to happen".

The couple have started a forum in their local area to tackle and discuss the issue of racism.

The director of communications for Prior Lake High School released the following statement.

"First and foremost, we do not tolerate racism, harassment or bullying of any kind. We are conducting our own investigation to get a better understanding of the events that led up to this video".

"We strive to maintain safe and respectful schools for all of our students and will continue to work to ensure a safe learning environment for all of our students."

Knudson updated the video yesterday in the comments section to add that he had recently found out his daughter had used the N-word herself previously, "not taking it as seriously" as her parents did.

"I have now found out that my daughter during the WCCO interview decided to use Snapchat and send people videos of her thinking that this was a game and it was funny and she actually uses the N-word twice"

"I and my wife do not tolerate this word our daughter is going to be reprimanded in an appropriate manner. I am extremely saddened and disappointed because of this video she has discredited the message that we wanted to convey".

"social media has allowed us to bully individuals 24 hours a day seven days a week no matter where that person lives. Wendy and I are still dedicated to highlighting this issue and help educate our young people".

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