Monday 23 October 2017

Depending on Daddy to fix your car trouble? This bill might make you think twice Newsdesk

The next time you turn to Daddy dearest for a little help with your banger, you might just get more than you bargained for.

At least that's what one young woman experienced as she was served a bill from her unofficial mechanic at 'Dad's garage'.

Limerick-based Sarah Chearnley had asked her dad, who "loves to have a laugh", to take a look at her car that was making strange sounds.

"I heard my car making funny noises so I asked my Dad the smart a**e to have a look at it," she told

"He went off and got me the parts I needed and then fixed my car for me... it's so handy having a Dad that can fix cars."

However, her gratitude towards her father weaned ever so slightly when he told her that someone had left post for her in the letterbox.

Lo and behold, Daddy Chearnley had printed an itemised invoice for his services and labour, appropriately headed on 'Dad's Garage' note paper.

Needless to say, Sarah hopes the bill won't be taken too seriously...

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