Monday 23 October 2017

Convention a success as redheads flock to Crosshaven

Clare Cullen

Clare Cullen

Crosshaven in Co. Cork has been host this weekend to the Redhead Convention, an annual gathering of redheads from around the world.

The event began with 'REDgistration', where attendees were registered according to hair colour and entered into competitions including 'Best redheaded couple' and 'Best ex-redhead' (-limited to those who brought along old pictures.) The title of 'most travelled redhead' went to Gemma Storar, who travelled all the way from New Zealand for the convention.

There was a King and Queen of the Gingers crowned, and the new royals Sarah Mullins and Jack Davy led the 'ginger parade' around the small Cork town, culminating in a photograph of all redheaded attendees with their new King and Queen.

"I almost had to work today", Davy said in his acceptance speech. "This almost didn't happen!"

Other entertainment over the weekend included a fire-eating display, a mini-carnival, music sessions and the premiere of the anticipated feature-length documentary 'Being Ginger', which is available now for download here. A 'ginger genetics' seminar was also held where attendees could learn about the DNA makeup of red hair and how it comes about.

John Edwards, from Blessington, Wicklow, won 'Best Wannabe Redhead'. John raised over €1,300 in total for the Irish Cancer Society by dyeing his hair red and then getting it shaved off. Victoria Alexander won an auction to decide the fate of John's hair with a bid of €100. She said it was "a good cause" and she was "delighted to do it". The final decision was to leave John with a tuft of red hair at the back.

Group photo
Group photo
The honourary award for a man "would settle for no less than a redheaded woman" went to a couple who had been married for over 30 years.
Beautiful Crosshaven in Co. Cork.
New King Jack Daly greets his 'subjects'.
Queen Sarah Mullins and King Jack Daly pose for photographers
Even the volunteers and photographers at the convention had red hair.
Queen Sarah
King Jack signs a carrot for a fan.
the King and Queen lead the 'Ginger Parade' around Crosshaven
John Edwards prepares for his haircut.
The village of Crosshaven at night.
Locals enjoy the atmosphere.
John's dyed hair, which won him the "Best wannabe ginger" crown.
The hair shaving begins.
John Edwards
John finds out the fate of his hair is to be put to auction.
John Edwards getting his hair cut for charity.
John Edwards before the auction.
The auction begins.
The winning bid is made, and it's a big one.
Winner of the auction Victoria Alexander with John Edwards
A fire-breathing show closed out the night's activities
A fire-breathing show closed out the night's activities
A fire-breathing show closed out the night's activities
A fire-breathing show closed out the night's activites

Redheads from all over the world could be spotted in Crosshaven flaunting t-shirts with slogans like 'Foxy lady' and 'I love gingers'. Many non-redheads sported 'I'm with Ginger' t-shirts.

The fire-breathing show, held in the public square, closed out each night.

Blue Tuft Productions created a video of Day One of the Festival, kicked off by the King of the Gingers 2012, 'King Alan'.

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