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Conservative American website reports on meme accusing Obama girls of using 'gang signs' - taken from satire website


A conservative republican website has ignited backlash after using a meme as a basis for an article that was taken from a website created to parody the "stupidity" of right-wing conservatives.

The website, which described the "majority" of Ferguson protestors as "liberal nutjobs" protesting "because they like the attention", sparked outrage and amusement when it reported on the Obama daughters "using gang signs".

The meme was scraped from a satirical Facebook Page called 'Christians For Michele Bachmann', which claims to parody the "stupidity of right-wing conservatives".

The image was one of Obama's daughters taking a selfie with a backwards 'peace" sign and accused them of making gang signs, comparing them to Ronald Regan's daughter.

The website's article was 9 words long and has been shared over 12,000 times. It simply stated "The First Kids teaching valuable lessons to the children". The article sparked outrage amongst the website's readers and amusement among democrats.

"Liberals" have taken to the website to remind the writer that Reagan's daughter was in Playboy and that the Bush daughters were caught trying to buy alcohol with fake ID.

The outrage follows a recent scandal where a  senior republican spin doctor posted a picture of the Obama girls to her Facebook page and wrote that they should "try showing a bit of class". The spokeswoman for Stephen Fincher, Elizabeth Lauten, has since resigned her post.

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