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Coca-Cola’s “America the beautiful” advert sparks online outrage

A Coca-Cola advert played during the Super Bowl has angered twitter users.

The 1 minute advert depicts scenes of everyday American life to the backing track of “America The Beautiful.”


The charming twist of the advert is that the song is sung in different languages in order to celebrate America’s diverse cultural landscape.


Sadly this is what caused some users to take to twitter in anger.


#SpeakAmerican began to trend as people vented their frustration with the advert, the original hashtag associated with the campaign had been #AmericaIsBeautiful.


Many came to Coca-Cola’s defence by poking fun at those using #SpeakAmerican, asking them what language 'American' was and where they could learn to speak it.


The video currently has 467,392 views and has been welcomed along with other progressive adverts from companies such as Cheerios for attempting to represent a broader demographic of consumers.

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