Monday 24 June 2019

Caught on Camera: Politician draws blood in attack on local reporter

Sarah Jane Murphy

A US politician is likely to be charged with assault after he lashed out and struck a reporter in the face mid-interview.

Ames Newsome, from Alabama city was returning to his car following a city commission meeting.

Ken Curtis, a reporter with WTVY approached him and asked if he planned to resign over allegations that he engaged in voter fraud when re-elected to his office in 2013.

Newsome only won a small percentage of the vote when compared with his opponent yet he managed to secure nearly all of the absentee ballots and won the election by 13 votes.

His longtime partner Olivia Reynolds has already been found guilty of voter fraud in relation to the election.

The incredible footage shows the politician shoving the reporter before assaulting him by scraping his fingernails down Curtis' face and drawing blood.

Curtis' employer, WTVY described the incident as an 'unwarranted physical attack.'

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