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Buzzfeed requested to accompany 'No' campaign on canvas


According to the 'Mother and Fathers Matter' group, the biggest website in the world requested the opportunity to join them on the canvassing trail in the run up to the upcoming marriage referendum.

The claims came after the Sunday Business Post writer Colette Sexton accompanied 'Yes' canvassers on the trail, and stated that she had been denied her request to do the same with the 'No' canvassers.

Writing in the SBP, Sexton wrote that  "A spokesman for the Mothers And Fathers Matter said that it was refusing to allow any media on its canvass, as it wanted to protect its volunteers from any negative attention".

She continued, "he said that it had also rejected a team from news website Buzzfeed in Washington DC which wanted to come with them on the campaign trail".

Buzzfeed is one of the biggest websites in the world with over 185m unique users in April alone.

The referendum has caught their attention via social media and the number of viral videos from young LGBT teens in the run-up to the controversial vote.

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