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Baby goats kid around

Are you up to the challenge of naming a super-cute newborn pygmy kid? Spring is certainly in the air at Hillmount Garden Centre with new arrivals of two female pygmy goats and a group of newborn ducklings.

At just a few days old these tiny animals are just getting used to their surroundings and are busy getting up to all sorts of mischief. The first kid arrived on April 4 and the second kid followed shortly after.

Robin Mercer, partner at Hillmount Garden Centre, said: “We put pictures of the kids up on Facebook to give people the opportunity to name them.”

He added: “A young girl actually saw the first kid being born on April 4, so we gave her the opportunity to name the kid, she named her Bella. However, the younger one still has no name, so that can be a bit of competition and a challenge for people.”

Robin said: “They get up to all sorts and they are very mischievous.”

The two female goats are still very protective of their young, so just be careful if you are going to try and get close to one of the kids.

As for Dad, you won’t miss him with his big horns and shabby coat, in a separate side pen to the kids and females. He is busy watching over from his side, you are guaranteed to see him do some funny things.

You can visit Hillmount Garden Centre on the Upper Braniel Road, Gilnahirk, Belfast, seven days a week.

If you wish to visit the kids and have a look at them you don’t even have to go into the shop, as they are located outside. However the tiny ducklings remain inside the main garden centre at this time with their heat light, so they are kept warm enough.

And remember, please no feeding the animals. As Robin Mercer says: “Call up, take as many photographs as you like and watch them grow but please don’t feed them, as we need to monitor this.”

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