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Alternative (and more fun) uses for the Nutribullet

Enoying my homemade frappachino, straight from the nutribullet (large) glass.

Fed up as I am listening to people talk about the NutriBullet and 'juicing' - I discovered a new use for the mini-blender over the weekend.

We got a NutriBullet in my house this Christmas. Before Christmas Day, I had never even heard of a NutrilBullet, but since that day I feel like it's all everyone around me ever talks about.

From the friends on 'juicing' diets - the most ridiculous and dangerous diet ever, in my opinion - to those talking about "antioxidants" all day long, it seems I'm surrounded by people drinking (or at least TALKING about drinking) brown slurp.

However, following the death of my coffee machine (RIP), I took the NutriBullet out for a test run. And it exceeded expectations.

The high-speed mini-blender best known for "healthy" recipes can make a mean caramel frappachino with extra whip and drizzle.

All you need is some low-fat milk, three teaspoons of sugar and two teaspoons of caramel syrup. Add the coffee, add some crushed ice, blend for around 5 seconds and you have a delicious frappachino that would put Starbucks to shame. You can then add some cream on top and drizzle some caramel syrup over the top, just to be sure to use the machine for everything it stands against - and best of all, the NutriBullet comes with handy cup handles so you can blend and go.