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'Absolutely outrageous, completely fake' tweet falsely attributed to the Israeli Embassy goes viral


A tweet described by the Israeli Embassy as 'completely fake' has gone viral after being posted on Boards.ie and Reddit Ireland.

The screenshot of the tweet, which purported to be from the official ‘Israel In Ireland' Twitter account, caused uproar online last night.

The 'completely fake' tweet linked to an article on the passing of a Seanad motion calling the Irish Goverment to recognise Palestine as an independent state, and  referred to the Irish government as "spineless" for "moving one step closer".

A representative for the Embassy said that the "photoshop" was "absolutely outrageous".

"It was an attack on the Irish Government... do you think an Embassy would be that stupid?"

"Even I could copy a logo... it's somebody with an agenda trying to embarrass us. It's total BS".

The Embassy tweeted that Boards.ie should take down the offending posts or "face legal action". The posts were subsequently removed on Boards.ie and Reddit, although the screenshot was re-posted to Reddit by another user and is still available.

"In the past, tongue-in-cheek posts have been posted on our Twitter and Facebook.. like the Molly Malone statue in a Burqa... but they've been taken down where people thought they were unsavoury".

"The tweet referenced the Irish Government... the information was not even correct. Not only was it a fake tweet, it was dumb as well".

Earlier that day, the official account had tweeted about the Seanad motion, posting "Today, a Palestinian man murdered a 3 month old (!) Jewish baby in Jerusalem...and yesterday the Irish Seanad has passed a motion... Just imagine if any country would have recognized a final status in favor of one of the sides in the conflict in Northern Ireland".

The "fake" tweet was in a rectangular screenshot in a similar fashion to popular sites like 'Let Me Tweet That For You', which was used to create a fake tweet from Paris Hilton following Nelson Mandela's death.

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