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11 of the funniest #FacebookDown tweets from this morning's Facebook outage

This morning, Facebook & Instagram were forced to give updates on their services through rival Twitter when both sites went down for over an hour.


The social media giants, who are both owned by Mark Zuckerberg, experienced an outage of over one hour this morning, prompting both the employees and the users to flock to rival site Twitter.

Both Instagram and Facebook - whose outage also shorted Tinder - posted that they were looking into the issue, allegedly citing a denial-of-service attack. An anonymous hacking group, who claim to be behind the Sony hack, even claimed responsibility.

However, Facebook has released a statement saying "we caused the outage, not hackers".

During the outage, the hashtag #FacebookDown trended on Twitter as users shared their wry observations on the situation.

We've rounded up some of the funniest tweets below.

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