Sunday 21 January 2018

Top Irish Presenters... from Kathryn Thomas to Laura Whitmore

Marian Finucane.
Marian Finucane.
Kathryn Thomas.
Des Lynam.
Laura Whitmore.
Graham Norton.

Pat Fitzpatrick

As Sarah Caden talks to Miriam O'Callaghan, we take a look at some other top Irish presenters across the media


People wonder if Marian is worth her pay. If only there was a weekend radio show with a huge audience where we could debate the issue. It would be even better if the host didn't read out the newspapers at the start, says you. Marian told guests during the marriage referendum campaign they were on stopwatches to make sure both sides had an equal say. She was then forced to say the complete opposite in the interest of balanced broadcasting. OK, she wasn't, but it would have come as no surprise.


Some say No Frontiers opened up a host of new destinations for Irish tourists. We say we went to the same undiscovered Italian town for years. Then, one day, a red-faced man in a Mayo jersey ran across the piazza shouting, "I'm kilt from the scutters." Others say Operation Transformation changes lives. We say it was nice to eat a doughnut in public without people at the next table muttering, "He's full of self-loathing". Kathryn Thomas. She's to blame for everything.


There is nothing like an Irish accent if you want to get ahead in the British media. And, let's face it, Graham has nothing like an Irish accent. Of course he had to adapt, given that he's from west Cork. It's very hard to shoot a chat show with subtitles. That's something they could have tried for RTE's 1970s bilingual show, Trom agus Eadrom. That's Irish, for the 97pc of you who haven't a clue what's going on when I switch from English.


Back in the day, Des was known as the housewives' favourite. The feminists were furious. Nothing to do with Des. They were just furious in general. Of course, no one is a housewife now. Particularly in Ireland, where we hand over all the housework to the au pair. Des announced he voted for UKIP in 2013. We're not sure why. But we'll get a chance to ask him if they get into power and deport Des back to Clare. Bloody foreigners, coming over here, taking our housewives.


Laura was recently seen partying with Professor Green. For those of you out of touch with the UK rap scene, you're not missing much. And Prof Green is a rapper, presumably with a chair in the University of Life. Laura was recently spotted out with Leonardo DiCaprio. You'd wonder what they have in common. Until you remember Leo was in Titanic and Laura was co-host of the 2014 Iftas. So they could always talk about disasters.

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