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Top five Love/Hate moments

LOVE HATE - Mary (Ruth Bradley) and Trish (Aoibhinn McGinnity)
LOVE HATE - Mary (Ruth Bradley) and Trish (Aoibhinn McGinnity)
LOVE/HATE - Tommy (Killian Scott), Darren (Robert Sheehan), Nidge (Tom Vaughan Lawlor) and his brother RTE One October 2010
LOVE/HATE - HUGHIE (Brian Gleeson), DARREN (Robbie Sheehan), John Boy (Aidan Gillen) RTE One Autumn 2010
Characters Linda and Nidge in RTE series 'Love Hate' Pic: RTE
Characters Linda and Nidge in RTE series 'Love Hate' Pic: RTE
A gunman enters a pub in a scene from 'Love/Hate' before leading character John Boy is fatally shot in a pub
Aidan Gillen in a scene from 'Love/Hate' after his character John Boy was fatally shot in a pub
Love/Hate Series 3 Peter Coonan as Fran, Robbie Sheehan as Darren, Tom Vaughan Lawlor as Nidge and Killian Scott as Tommy
Love/Hate Series 3 Actor Jimmy Smallhorne as Git. His character attacks Siobhan in the first episode of season three. His subsequent murder sparks an all-out feud between Nidge's gang and the RIRA RTÉ One
Nidge argues with Tommy after Git is beaten to death following his attack on Siobhan in first episode of season three of Love/Hate
Git attacks Siobhan in first episode of Love/Hate season three
Tommy comes to Siobhan's aid after she was brutally attacked by Git in first episode of Love/Hate season three
Nidge and Darren move Git's body in first episode of Love/Hate season three
Tommy tends to Siobhan after Git attacks her
Tommy attacks Git after he rapes Siobhan
Caoilfhionn Dunne (Lizzie) and Robert Sheehan (Darren) in Love/ Hate
Nidge beating Tommy in fourth episode of third series of Love/Hate Pic: RTE
LOVE/HATE - final episode of Season Three Lizzie shoots Darren
LOVE/HATE - final episode of Season Three Lizzie shoots Darren

So Love/Hate is back tonight – and we thought we’d take a trip down memory lane. Here are our top five Love/Hate moments.

1. Trish & Nidge's wedding/Hughie shooting himself

The first season of ‘Love/Hate’ was criticised by many for being too ‘Westlife, not enough Westies’. However, it did give us two memorable moments.

Trish and Nidge’s wedding was one – probably the happiest time this couple are ever destined to have. But it was ruined when John Boy and Hughie decided to attend, even though they weren’t invited. Tensions between the two brothers and Darren and Tommy were at all-time high as Darren began to suspect that Hughie killed his older brother Robbie (and he was right). The wedding night ended with Trish in tears.

Season One started with the murder of Robbie, who was gunned down after he left prison.

It had a violent ending too with a drugged up Hughie accidentally shooting himself in the head while jokingly pointing his gun at Elmo. As he lies bleeding to death, Elmo decides it would be better for everyone if they didn’t call an ambulance.


2. THAT love scene between Nidge and Linda

The second season is when Love/Hate started to come into its own.

There was one scene that got everyone talking – and it was THAT love scene between Nidge and Linda in the back of Nidge’s car.

Linda was Fran’s ‘bird’ and knew Nidge from back in the day.

But the viewers knew that it was only a matter of time before they got together, even though John Boy and Fran were at loggerheads.

The two characters met in the less than salubrious surroundings of the back roads around Dublin Airport.

The nature of sex scenes took many viewers by surprise.

The two characters split later in the series.

Later, Nidge’s boss John Boy ordered him to throw a pipebomb at Fran’s house as the feud between the pair worsened.

Nidge threw the device at the house, leaving Linda seriously injured.

Unable to cope with her life-changing injuries and permanent scarring, a depressed Linda killed herself at the end of the second series


3. The murderous double-crossing of John Boy

It’s so tough to keep a secret in TV – so the double-crossing and murder of John Boy took everyone by complete surprise.

Since his brother Hughie’s death at the end of season one, John Boy was on a downward spiral.

Consuming copious amounts of cocaine, he became increasingly paranoid and believed everybody was out to get him.

His empire was falling apart as Fran was intent on seeking revenge for what happened to Linda.

Ado was causing trouble within his own gang, and John Boy resolved that he had to be killed.

He enlisted loyal lieutenant Darren to do the killing – who later talked to Nidge about the 'plan'.

In episode five, we saw John Boy sit with Nidge and Ado in a packed pub, when a balaclava-clad Darren entered.

With his sight fixed firmly ahead, a terrified Ado jumped out of his seat and went to run.

But then Darren turned his sights on John Boy and shot him in the face.

Nidge and Darren had resolved to get rid of their boss John Boy – and now he was no more. King Nidge was born - and the empire was his by the final episode.


4. Git attacks Siobhan

The rape of Siobhan and immediate killing of her attacker is probably one of the most shocking moments on Irish TV.

In the first episode of season three, we saw Siobhan having a cigarette in Nidge’s club after closing hours.

Unbeknown to Siobhan, RIRA leader Git and her uncle Nidge went out to smooth things over on Paddy’s night.

After visiting a brothel, the pair decided to head back to Nidge’s club for a late drink where Siobhan was there with Tommy and Darren.

A vulnerable Siobhan went outside to have  cigarette and was followed by Git.

Git physically attacked Siobhan before brutally raping her.

Tommy and Darren happened upon the scene, and found Git attacking her.

They beat him to death – sparking an all-out feud between their gang and the dissident republicans.

Critics praised Charlie Murphy for her performance as Siobhan throughout the last series as it showed the young woman trying to come to terms with the cruel aftermath of the attack.


5. Nidge beats Tommy/Lizzie kills Darren

Nobody saw this coming - Nidge beating Tommy to within an inch of his life.

Tommy told Nidge about how Dano’s wife Georgina was plaguing him after they spent a night together.

But Tommy didn’t realise that Nidge had been trying to get his hands on Georgina.

So a paranoid and jealous Nidge lost his temper and beat Tommy who ended up in a coma.

With Darren’s murder, most of us knew it was coming as Darren had crossed swords with so many people.

But when we saw that his assassin was a shaven-headed and grief-stricken Lizzie – who had a schoolgirl-type crush on Darren throughout the third season – it shocked us all.


(Jane Last)



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