Sunday 25 February 2018

Top five: Famous Hairdos... from Louis Walsh to Miley Cyrus

Media Mogul Louis Walsh
Media Mogul Louis Walsh
Sharon Ni Bheolain
Miley Cyrus. Getty Images
Kim Kardashian

Pat Fitzpatrick

As Emily Hourican talks to Gracie O'Mahony about a life-changing dye job, we have a look at celebrities with headline-making hair


Simon Cowell told Louis to get an eye-lift in 2009. That raised a few eyebrows. Make it stop! Louis got a £30k hair transplant in 2011, again at Simon Cowell's instruction. "You remind me of a young Louis Walsh," said Louis to himself in the mirror. "You remind me that X Factor has gone a bit stale," said a lot of us to our television screens. This year, Simon told him to sling his hook. Louis rang the beauty clinic to find out how much this would cost. "Over a million a year," they said. Ouch.


And now over to the newsroom for a look at Sharon's hair. Poor Dobbo, he doesn't get a look-in, really. Sharon was recently voted the TV star most Irish men would like to cheat with. The survey was carried out on a group of men who registered on one of those 'I'd like to have an affair' websites. In fairness, you'd have to think that probably took the shine off it for Sharon. Unless she longs to be the object of desire for men who reply "Yes" when they're asked, "Are you an actual eejit?"


Simon Cowell wants X Factor to appeal to younger people, so he brought in Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw. Or, as he's known in a lot of music circles, Nick Who? Rita and Nick were both on The Voice UK. That's the show where celebs try and guess if someone is ugly, based on their singing voice. Gorgeous Rita, famous for her hairdos, appeared as hunky Christian Grey's sister in Fifty Shades of Grey. Sure they're a family of lashers, says you, knowingly.


Some say Miley always does something interesting with her hair. Others say, "I really can't say I noticed myself, because she had a ribbon over her boobs". Everyone says, "Does she ever actually sing?" She got a bit of flak this year for wearing fake dreadlocks to the MTV Video Music Awards. Apparently she didn't realise that dreadlocks can only be worn by black people and committed Irish lefty soap-dodgers who are trying to save a bit of money on shampoo.


A message from the Ordinary Men of Ireland: There is nothing we enjoy more than looking at photos of Kim's new hairdos. Particularly if they are taken from behind. A reply from the feminists: We're appalled. Do you really want your daughters to grow up thinking it's OK to flaunt your body as a career? A reply from the Ordinary Men: Only if it makes them 40 million dollars like Kim. We'd hate to see them wasting their time.

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