Sunday 8 December 2019

Top Five: Cause Celebs... from George Clooney to Leonardo DiCaprio

George Clooney may embrace his grey hair, but for the millions who cover it up with hair dye, the end may be in sight.
George Clooney may embrace his grey hair, but for the millions who cover it up with hair dye, the end may be in sight.
Lady Gaga
Ricky Gervais.
Angelina Jolie.

Pat Fitzpatrick

As Leonardo DiCaprio talks about his mission to save the planet, we have a look at some celebrities who want to help others


George told Piers Morgan in an interview that his father advised him to look out for people less fortunate than himself. Some say that means every other human on the planet, because George is gorgeous, has a cool lawyer wife, and will never have to pay for his own Nespresso machine. We say it's impossible to envy anyone who has spent time with Piers Morgan. George is working with Bono to eliminate global poverty. He reckons they'll have it sorted once Bono hands over the Pin for his bank card.


Bono has done his bit. He is co-founder of the One foundation. This organisation seeks to influence political leaders by signing off its emails with, "If you don't do this within 60 days, we're sending Bono over and he's going to give a speech". Persuasive. He is also running an intriguing raffle for his charity, Red. First prize is a day biking around New York with Bono. Second prize is two days biking around New York with Bono, says you, buying a Lotto ticket instead.


Some say that Ricky has been a strong opponent of animal cruelty. We say he is making a new movie about his most famous creation, David Brent - so he clearly has no problem flogging a dead horse. Ricky's support of atheism has upset a lot of angry people on Twitter. As if there are any other kind of people on Twitter, says you, rapidly closing off your account before some God-botherer in Idaho calls you a useless twat.


Lady Gaga just wants to help young people to be themselves. That's good news. As long as you don't have a teenager. Seriously though, if a 29-year-old American lady worth over US$200m doesn't understand teenagers everywhere, what's the point in carrying on? Lady Gaga changed tack recently when she appeared on TV show American Horror Story: Hotel. Is there anything this woman can't do? Act, according to some of the people who tuned in.


Refugees and helpless people from all over the world have only one word for Angelina. Mom. Admired for her work on behalf of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), her solution to the refugee crisis seems to be, "Everyone back to mine!" Apparently herself and Brad have a combined wealth of around US$385m. Or, as it's known in their house, the cost of a family night out at the cinema as long as nobody goes for the large nachos.

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