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Brendan Gleeson, Irish actor, is 60. John Major, former British PM, is 72. Elle Macpherson, supermodel and actress, is 51. Eric Idle, actor/comedian of Monty Python fame, is 72. Lucy Lawless, Xena: Warrior Princess actress, is 47. Jennifer Capriati, US former tennis player, is 39. Astrud Gilberto, Brazilian bossa nova singer, is 75.


Norah Jones, singer-songwriter, is 36. Warren Beatty, actor, is 78. Celine Dion, singer, is 47. Tracy Chapman, singer-songwriter, is 51. Eric Clapton, legendary guitarist, is 70. Rolf Harris, recently imprisoned singer and cartoonist, is 85. MC Hammer, rapper best known for Can't Touch This, is 53. Eoin Hand, former Irish football manager, is 69. Piers Morgan (born O'Meara), journalist and TV presenter, is 50. Robbie Coltrane, Scottish actor, is 65.


Ewan McGregor, actor, is 44. Al Gore, former US Vice-President, is 67. Rhea Perlman, actress who played 'Carla' in the TV series Cheers, is 67. Steve Bing, film producer and father of Elizabeth Hurley's child, is 50. Angus Young, AC/DC guitarist, is 60. Christopher Walken, actor, is 72.


Brendan Grace, Liberties-born comedian, is 64. Chris Evans, TV and radio mogul, is 49. Phillip Schofield, TV presenter, is 53. David Gower, former England cricket captain, is 58. Susan Boyle, Scottish singer, is 54. Debbie Reynolds, actress who starred in Singin' in the Rain, is 83. Sammy Nelson, former Arsenal and Northern Ireland footballer, is 66. Jimmy Cliff, reggae singer, is 67.


Michael Fassbender, Irish actor who starred in Inglourious Basterds, is 38. Emmylou Harris, country and western singer, is 68. Penelope Keith, actress who starred in The Good Life, is 75. Ruairi Quinn, Labour Party politician, is 69. Karen Woodward, lead singer of Bananarama, is 54.


Helmut Kohl, former chancellor of Germany, is 85. Eddie Murphy, comedian and actor, is 54. Alec Baldwin, actor and ex-husband of Kim Basinger, is 57. Doris Day, American actress and singer, is 91. Leona Lewis, singer, is 30. Richard Thompson, former Fairport Convention singer/guitarist, is 66. Nigel Farage, Ukip leader, is 51. Jane Goodall, chimpanzee expert, is 81. Tony Orlando, singer of Tie a Yellow Ribbon, is 71.


Twink (real name Adele King), panto star, actress and singer, is 64. Graham Norton, Dublin-born chat show host, is 52. Robert Downey Jr, actor, is 50. David Blaine, celebrity magician, is 42. Jamie Lynn Spears, actress and sister of Britney, is 24.


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