Monday 18 November 2019

Tinie Tempah: We must engage young people in politics ahead of election

By Julia Hunt

Tinie Tempah said he’s not enthused by anyone currently on the political scene.

Rapper Tinie Tempah has said he is not excited by the state of British politics as the country heads towards a general election.

The 28-year-old, from south London, admitted he had been a “fan” of MP Chuka Umunna when he launched a short-run bid to become Labour leader in 2015.

But the musician told Channel 4 News he was not enthused by anyone currently on the political scene.

He said: “I was a fan of Chuka Umunna. When I heard that Chuka Umunna was going to be the head of the Labour Party…

“I don’t know whether it’s because he went to the same college as me, or whether it’s because he was from a working class background and he would probably be able to galvanise youth and get younger people engaged – that was a time that I was excited.

“But of recent, there isn’t anyone that I can see that is necessarily exciting me.”

Tinie, who released his third album Youth last week, said the conversation around politics “does not necessarily relate to young people”.

The star stressed the importance of finding a way to engage the youth population ahead of the June 8 election.

“I feel like the communication mechanism and tools, I don’t feel like it’s resonating with young people,” he said.

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