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Tuesday 23 July 2019

'We could be strung up as soon as we land' - Mrs Brown's Boys to tour US, but may give Bible Belt a miss

Mrs Brown and Eilish O'Carroll
Mrs Brown and Eilish O'Carroll

Nick Bramhill

Brendan O'Carroll and the cast of Mrs Brown's Boys look set to tour the US for the first time - though they said they will be "selective" about where they perform by avoiding the "Bible Belt".

The Mrs Brown's Boys creator has just returned from a sell-out tour of Australia and New Zealand.

Now his live shows could soon be heading to the US, where the sitcom is becoming increasingly popular.

However, Eilish O'Carroll, who plays Agnes Brown's best pal Winnie McGoogan in the smash-hit show, said she would have reservations about touring the more God-fearing southern states.

Eilish says she thinks the material in the shows would be too racy for the audiences there.

"I think Brendan's been asked, as there's a lot of interest Stateside to bring the show over there," said Eilish (65), who is also one of Dubliner Brendan's real-life sisters.

"I don't know whether there's a reluctance on his part, but I actually feel that part of America is a very Bible-bashing country, and I reckon we could be strung up as soon as we land.

"You know, it would be a bit risky - we'd have to be very selective on the states we went to.

"But I mean, it's hugely popular in the States. They obviously get it via the BBC channel.

"I get a lot of fan mail from people in the US who have seen it on YouTube, saying, 'When are you bringing it over to the States?'."

In an interview on TV3's The Six O'Clock Show, the veteran actress added: "I would love it to go to the States, and I would imagine that it's a huge possibility."

Earlier this month, younger brother Brendan (62) revealed that he had never originally intended to play the role of Irish mammy Agnes Brown.

He said he only stepped into role of the iconic comic character after the actress he had initially approached for the part suddenly became ill.

He recalled that TV bosses were so impressed that they insisted he make the role his own.

Since being snapped up by the BBC in 2011, the show has gone on to win multiple awards and enjoy runaway success - topping the competitive Christmas ratings every year in both Ireland and Britain.


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